The Christopher G. Moore Foundation was established in 2015 to support and promote the values of human rights and literary excellence in non-fiction.

The Moore Prize was created to recognise these values in published works.

The Foundation is a registered UK charity, number 1161116.


The Christopher G. Moore Foundation was established for the public benefit, to promote human rights (as set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and subsequent United Nations conventions and declarations) and to pursue this goal throughout the world by all or any of the following nine means:

  1. monitoring abuses of human rights;

  2. research into human rights issues;

  3. educating the public about human rights;

  4. contributing to the sound administration of human rights law;

  5. commenting on proposed human rights legislation;

  6. raising awareness of human rights issues;

  7. public support for human rights;

  8. respect for human rights among individuals and corporations;

  9. advocacy of human rights;

In furtherance of that object but not otherwise, the trustees shall have power to engage in political activity provided that the trustees are satisfied that the proposed activities will further the purposes of the charity to an extent justified by the resources committed and the activity is not the dominant means by which the charity carries out its objects.

In order to achieve this, the Foundation will:

  1. Provide funds to authors of written works (currently limited to authors of non-fiction) that call attention to instances of clear breaches of human rights. In doing so, encourage further research into these and other instances, as well as creating incentive for writers to continue to monitor any such abuses

  2. Educate the public about human rights by organising lectures, debates and seminars, hosted by writers whose work has called attention to such clear breaches. These events will be open to all members of the public, in the interests of raising awareness and promoting public support for human rights.

  3. Comment on proposed human rights legislation, or publicise comments made by others in order to raise awareness and to promote respect for these rights, as well as increasing their popular support. Such comment may also include specific reports of judicial decisions, where available, in order to ensure the sound administration of human rights law.

Cover Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash