The Moore Prize 

2024 Prize Rules

Rules of Submission

Award Criteria

Selection of Judges

Nomination Process

Nomination for a Prize are encouraged, after prior consultation, from the appropriate official or committee of the following organizations:

International Pen

Amnesty International

The Center for Democracy & Technology

Electronic Frontier Foundation

Global Internet Liberty Campaign

The International Federation for Human Rights

Reporters Without Borders

The list of organisations may change at any time. The Director is also authorized to add other nominating organizations, which promote the purposes of the Prizes. The fact that the Foundation has invited an organisaton to nominate an author does not mean they have endorsed or are co-sponsors of the Prize or that the nomination represents an official position of the organization. The nominating entity or the author nominated or his or her publisher must arrange to submit the ebook edition of the nominated book to the Director.

Publisher's Role

Longlist and Shortlist