June 2024

Press Release 

Announcing the Long-List for the 2024 Moore Prize for Human Rights Writing

The Christopher G. Moore Foundation is delighted to announce an exciting long-list of nine books that are outstanding in their portrayal of human rights themes. The trustees of the Foundation were thrilled with the exceptional quality and quantity of books submitted this year. Each long-listed book has been chosen because of its ambitious, brave and unique approach to highlighting crucial human rights issues across the world and because of its fine quality of writing. 

The 2024 Long-list titles are as follows (alphabetical by surname):

Chosen from a record 75 submissions, each of these long-listed books cover a wide range of human rights issues: the human effects of war, the collapse of formal justice, genocide, immigration, the undermining of democracy, ethnic persecution, the right to justice and education for women, the worldwide sanitation crisis and the right to a healthy living environment. The books span a range of global settings: Afghanistan, China, India, Israel, Mexico, Palestine, The Philippines, Ukraine and the USA. 

Foundation founder, Christopher G. Moore says:

“The nine long-listed books examine the abandonment, panic and fear experienced by those whose human rights have been stripped away. You learn their names, jobs, families and dreams. They are in many ways very much like you – like all of us. These long-listed books record the stories of what happens when we collectively lose our sense of empathy—the vacuum is filled with violence and repression that go unnoticed and unchecked. There is a common theme: there can be no domestic peace without tolerance, the rule of law, and constraints on power.”

The Moore Prize was established in 2015 to provide funds to authors who, through their work, contribute to the universality of human rights and to give a platform to human rights issues that are important in our current societies. This unique initiative is awarded annually, as chosen by a panel of judges whose own work focuses on human rights. 

The 2024 Moore Prize jury is comprised of Chief Judge, journalist and activist Salil Tripathi; Burmese investigative journalist, Thin Lei Win and journalist and editor Fahad Shah.

The shortlist will be announced on 13 November, 2024 and the winning book on 8 January, 2025. The winner of the prize will receive £1,000. 

Notes to Editors: